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We can organize just about anything you'd like, whether it's a simple drawer or a whole closet system installation and makeover. We do it all!

Having an organized home decreases stress and anxiety.  Your home should be a place of relaxation, where you go to spend time doing what you love.  Not a cause of stress!  Life gets away from us and there are things that are more important than cleaning and organizing but it is still an important factor of your mental health.  Let me help you!

The shopping, planning, blueprinting and returning of unused items is all included in the the hourly rate. 

Billed in 4 hour increments

Minimum: 4 hours (cannot be combined) 

 I am seriously so proud of you for asking for help!

Bathroom Shelves


Your bathroom should feel

like a spa

Yellow pouf near pink table with a phone


Watch your playroom

transform into a space where your child's imagination can go wild.

Closet + Office Tour - Lace & Lashes.jpg


Let your closet showcase your

clothes and your personality

Image by Hutomo Abrianto


Make your office a clutter free zone

so your creative juices can flow.

50+ Clever Pantry Organization Ideas - T


Easily accessible dry goods.

29+ Smart Mudroom Ideas to Enhance Your


Make this your own.

Add the content you want.


1 hour

We start any new relationship with a thorough consultation where we discover what your needs, wants, desires, concern, and how much involvement you wish to have within the process. This will help me understand what it will takes to complete the project and set a realistic budget for supplies and decor.  After this, we will schedule your organizing session(s) and begin the prep work to clear the space and get rid of any unwanted items.

Payments for all sessions are due at the time of scheduling your first appointment, to hold your spot and ensure the project is done to completion.  You are responsible for paying for any additional sessions if needed.  I give an estimate as to how many sessions I think we will need... not an exact quote.  Cancelling or rescheduling your appointment within 72 hours will result in 50% of the scheduling session time. If less than 36 hours notice is given the fee is set at 100% of the scheduled time because I will no longer be be able to fill that opening in our books.


1+ Hours

The amount of time it takes to prep will be determined by the size of the project and how much involvement you want to have.  We start by removing everything from the space, and I mean everything! Then, we divide the items into a few groups: Keep, Toss, Sell, Donate, Relocate, File and Shred.  You can complete this process on your own,  I can help you get started or do I can do it all for you (with consent to toss or donate items that I see fit).  I can even help you with the selling process for a 30% fee of sale price.

Next, we will relocate the items that are being relocated in the home.  I will take care of donating any items to charity and dispose of smaller items or arrange disposal of larger items (additional charges may apply).  Next, we categorize everything in the keep boxes based upon where they will be placed in the space and their functionality.

After items have been categorized, donated and/or disposed of then the Encompass Crew begin the fun job of putting everything into bins + containers and finding their new home.


minimum of

4 hours

Encompass will take care  purchasing all the items needed for organizing and return any unused items, however you will still be responsible for the expense.  I do not charge my hourly rate for shopping and returning of items needed or any hours spent researching the best solutions for your space, the designing or blueprinting, that's on us!

I will completely take over at this point as it's easier to work alone with my team since we have a blueprint for where everything will go back with an overall design approach in mind.  You will come home to a beautifully organized space that is practical and functional.  I coach my clients on how to keep things organized but there is no shame in needing a touch up to keep the space looking great!  I've added a touch up service to accomodate past clients who's space has already been organized by us and just needs a little refresher. This service holds a 2 hour minimum.

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